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WATCH: 10-Year-Old Trump Protester Sets Fire, Gives Fantastic Interview

Uproxx's Facebook

Uproxx’s Facebook

All these protests after Donald Trump won the election really grinded my gears. I didn’t vote for that orange jackass either, but these people need to relax. The man won fair and square, so stop bitching and moaning and get on with your lives.

Having said that, there is a 10-year-old protester named Connor that has my full support. Last night, he started a fire and gave a spectacular interview to FOX News. Watch him ooze charisma in the video below.

What a badass! Here’s a quick bio on this little hellion. Likes: setting fires, bashing Donald Trump, rocking dope bling. Dislikes: Donald Trump and people calling him Carter instead of Connor.

Uproxx's Facebook

Uproxx’s Facebook

If looks could kill, Griff Jenkins would be six feet under. That disapproving head shake was also a huge power move reminiscent of Dikembe Mutombo’s finger wag.

Things may look bleak now with Trump set to take office, but rest assured that our country’s long-term future is bright. Bright as a fire set by a 10-year-old arsonist on a city street. The revolution has begun.

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