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WATCH: Director Makes Awesome Video For “Wyclef Jean,” Despite Young Thug Not Showing Up

Young Thug's YouTube

Young Thug’s YouTube

Young Thug didn’t show up to the set of his music video, so the director was forced to improvise. The show must go on, and the scantily clad females must still drive around in kiddie cars. Watch how the music video for “Wyclef John” turned out without the presence of Young Thug.

Being a music video director has to be so goddamn stressful. You’ve got to deal with budgets, deadlines, and artists that do whatever the f*ck they want. Thankfully, Ryan Staake knows how to make lemonade out of lemons because that video was fantastic.

More rappers should take note and just not show up to their own video shoots, as that was the most memorable rap music video I’ve seen in years. This video was released yesterday and it already has over 700,000 views on YouTube, so I’m clearly not alone in my opinion. We need less champagne poppin’ and more Requiem for a Dream inspired sausage action. Make Rap Videos Great Again!

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