WATCH: Blindfolded Martial Arts Master Drills Volunteer In Head With Sledgehammer

During a Sikh festival in southern India, a martial arts master put on a performance for the crowd. The stunt required a sledgehammer, a blindfold, assorted objects, and two dumbasses who were way too trusting. Cue up Peter Gabriel’s very applicable smash hit and watch a poor volunteer get his forehead smashed.

That’s going to leave a mark. If he’s a martial arts “master,” then who the hell is a martial arts novice? F*cking Gallagher? Triple H?

But this video just proves why you should never volunteer for anything. That goes for street performances, magic tricks, feeding the hungry at soup kitchens, etc. It’s all bad news. No good deed goes unpunished and no dome piece makes it out unscathed.
The only positive that I’ve got for the guy who took a sledgehammer to the head is that he’ll probably receive a more thorough medical examination than Chris Conley got last night. That concussion protocol really puts the players’ safety first, Rog. Your ginger incompetence never ceases to amaze me, you corrupt bastard.

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WATCH: Gigantic Alligator Takes A Leisurely Stroll
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