WATCH: Drunk Guy Should Switch To Lighter Backpacks

An extremely intoxicated young man had a helluva time trying to remain upright while carrying two backpacks. The backpacks looked pretty heavy, but then again it probably wouldn’t have mattered given how bombed this dude was. They could’ve been filled with bricks or feathers and he was still going to tumble over regardless.

Watch this guy do an accidental impression of Weekend at Bernie’s in the video below.

TIMBERRRRRRR!!! I was on the edge of my seat waiting for him to finally hit the ground. I felt like I was watching a super intense game of Jenga, but instead of people strategically moving pieces of wood, there was a man with the motor skills of an inflatable car dealership dancer.

At least it doesn’t seem like he hurt himself. The way his knees were bending I was worried he was going to suffer a devastating injury like this poor soul.

Stay safe out there this weekend, folks. It’s a cold, ACL tearing world.

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