Why Are So Many People On Reddit Losing Their Sh*t Over This Blurry Picture Of Ham?

What’s up with this ham? Just when you thought 2016 was bad, we get a brand new trending eyesore to ring in the new year. This thing is hurting my eyes. Why would anyone post something like this? People on Reddit are wondering the same thing. And some are losing their sh*t over it.
Here is the photo of the ham that is driving people absolutely bonkers:
This is the blurry piece of work that is showing up on Reddit’s front page. It made my head feel weird when I first looked at this photo. But if you look closely at this image, you’ll see that something’s a little off. David Covucci of The Daily Pot revealed that not everything in this image is blurry. The wooden surface of the table isn’t blurry at all, it’s as clear as day. It’s just that damn ham that is blurry. But why? Why must you hurt my eyes, ham?!
Somehow, this ham photo got insanely popular over on Reddit. The blurry pork garnered over 1,200 comments. Some Reddit users don’t even think that this ham came from a pig at all. Some believe this ham to be the product of the mythical big foot. Others said the photo just hurt their head/face/heart.


But seriously, what’s the deal with this ham? Why is it f*cking with so many people’s heads? The answer is very simple: the ham isn’t blurry, it’s sliced! Yep, it’s just a bunch of sliced ham stacked on top of one another. So many people over at Reddit believed this image to be fake that the photographer had to make a video to prove himself and shut people up. Nevertheless, people are still talking about the now-infamous ham that came from Reddit.


That’s enough hamming around for today!

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