Test This Guy Who Is Able To Eat 23 Ghost Peppers Because He Probably Has The Cure For Cancer In His Blood

Well, my mind is in an absolute pretzel. I’ve seen people act like they’ve got a combination of Alien and Satan himself coming out of them after eating one ghost pepper. Like that time those two smokeshows almost committed suicide after eating just one? Remember them?

Yeah, those chicks.

The bhut jolokia, also known as a ghost pepper, is considered one of the hottest foods in the world, so my brain can’t wrap my head around how one person can down about 25 of these and barely break a sweat while the rest of us take a single bite and we’re ready to Purge our own lives. Some people have just got it, I guess.

Via ABC:

Johnny, assistant scoutmaster for troop 137 in Fredericksburg, Texas, may have drawn the short straw when he ate 23, yes, 23 ghost peppers. The good news is that it was all for a good cause. The bad news is that he got incredibly sick afterwards.

“He’s doing this to bring light to the fact that we desperately need scholarship money,” troop scoutmaster Gayne Young said. “Money for our boys to get uniforms and to go on trips.”

Young and another member of the troop filmed Johnny eating the peppers. The peppers were so hot that they had to cover part of their faces.

Troop scoutmaster Gayne Young saying Johnny was “sick out both ends with quite a bit of blood” was the biggest relief of 2017 so far. Had he just walked away from this without any repercussion, we’d have a confirmed alien or demon spirit walking among us.

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