Tarak Underiner, OSU Concealed Carry Supporter, Found Shot Dead

Ohio State University student Tarak Andrew Underiner, a supporter of concealed-carry rights for OSU students on campus, was found dead from gunshot wounds on early Thursday morning. Police found Underiner’s body in a residence near OSU campus on Northwood Avenue. It’s the first homicide of Columbus, OH in 2017.

Our thoughts are with Tarak’s family and friends at this difficult time.

Who Was Tarak Underiner?

Tarak was a 20-year-old student at Ohio State University who also the treasurer for Buckeyes For Concealed Carry. As far as his studies are concerned, Tarak double majored in marketing and Spanish.

This past December, Underiner testified at the Ohio Statehouse in favor of passing Ohio House Bill 48, allowing concealed carry permits inside day care facilities and certain areas of police stations and airports. Within House Bill 48, there is also an “opt-in clause” that would allow public institutions such as Ohio State, to allow their students to carry or not.

In Tarak’s mind, the idea of concealed-carry wasn’t so much to stop mass shootings or attacks as much as it was to defend yourself from singular attacks. From The Lantern:

“It’s not really aimed at stopping mass shooter events,” Underiner said, instead listing defense against violent crime, such as armed robbery or assault, as more realistic. “If you have a late night at the library and … you live in dangerous parts of town, or are out late, being able to have, at least the option to carry a concealed weapon is an important right for Ohio State students.”

Below you can watch a video of Tarak discussing his opinions of concealed carry with Ohio State University’s newspaper The Lantern‘s video series Lantern TV.

What Happened?

Police responded to reports of a gunshot inside the residence where Tarak was found at 12:30 AM Thursday. He was found unresponsive and dead on the scene at 12:41 AM.

“Investigators do not believe this incident was random in nature nor has any connection to the University,” the police report states. There was no sign of forced entry. Police interviewed Underiner’s roommates but didn’t immediately consider them suspects.

Update 1/6/2017: There have been a number of accounts and stories since the shooting about Tarak’s “extracurricular” activities, including that he may have been dealing in narcotics. Here are some comments on Ohio State’s reddit account.

From LastOneofUs:

“my frat turned him down for trying to be a supplier of speed and heroin for the brothers. I hate to say this bc it makes us look bad af but frats have sources for that an they arent from random peeps. it doesnt work like that.

He also tried to do some gambling bs with a club’s money and lost it.

With all this bs I’m not surprised dude got shot fr. No disrespect for him but he was stupid af and didnt appreciate what he had. thats what happens sometimes

Wish his family well.”

Or TheUnits:

This was not a random shooting anyone who knew even of him knows that

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