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Car Dealership Tries To Film Commercial On Ice, Mascot Has Worst Day Of His Life


You know how they say it’s the simple things in life that matter? I believe that this is what they’re talking about. There are few pleasures in life as pure as the one you feel when you watch someone bust their ass. Call me a monster, fine, but you damn well KNOW that you chuckle every time you see someone slip on some ice.

Now imagine that same person, falling over and over. Pretty damn funny, right? NOW imagine that same uncoordinated person but wearing a white bear suit? Hilarious, I know. I’ve been giggling over this video for about 20 minutes now.

The best part of all of this? Turn up the volume and listen to the dude’s feet as he begins to slip. You can hear the desperation as he attempts to plant his feet.

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