WATCH: Woman Falls Off Stage During Marriage Proposal

Love was in the air at the Lights All Night music festival in Dallas, Texas this weekend. During Crizzly’s set, Jeff Jackson proposed to his girlfriend Endyugi Soedarsono. She said yes, but the proposal did have a slight hiccup. Watch an overwhelmed Endyugi accidentally backpedal right off the stage.
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I’m sure Endyugi has been dreaming about her proposal going just like that ever since she was a little kid. Falling off a stage at an EDM concert with your ass cheeks hanging out is some real elegant shit. Talk about a storybook romance. I haven’t seen someone so unaware of their surroundings since Dan Orlovsky.
All snarky jokes aside, Endyugi thankfully didn’t suffer any injuries and she seems to be taking everything in stride. Via BSO, here’s what she had to say about her tumble.

“So embarrassing, hahaha, I’m okay tho… still in shock….. but he did good! Hehe.”
Later adding: “Lmao, my whole damn body hurts.
“Thank you for capturing the perfect moment I literally fell for him.”

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