HAMMERED Pilot Attempts To End 2016 On Low Note: Almost Kills Everyone Onboard

Tedak Purna is a pilot for an Indonesian airline, Citilink. Apparently, he’s also convinced that 2016 wasn’t nearly a bad enough year, so he took it upon himself to try to crash a passenger jet by showing up to work piss drunk. We’re talking stumbling, dropping everything, mumbling, and running-into-doors drunk. Thankfully the airline crew and cabin members eventually got him to leave the cockpit, but it wasn’t something that was easy to do. In fact, it took Purna’s slurred speech over the PA to get concerned passengers to ask that he be removed from the plane.
For his part, Purna was fired. Additionally, the president of Citilink will resign over the matter.

What Happened?

Honestly, the story would be a lot funnier if the ramifications weren’t so serious. In the CCTV footage from the security checkpoint, Purna’s drunkenness is like something out of a comedy sketch. First, he hits the security door, then he can’t keep his balance while standing still, and then he drops half of his bags’ contents on the floor. Knowing damn well he can’t pick it up and stay standing up, he waits for the security guards to help him. They do that and then he drops his hat.
After he gets his hat and bag together, he tries thanking the security attendants (who are literally not doing their job by keeping people safe) but drops his sunglasses on the floor. They break. Like we said: it’d be hilarious if this guy wasn’t about to fly up to 186 people.


But wait! There’s more!
Purna manages to stumble his way all the way to the gate, get on the plane, and finally sit in his pilot seat. So, he does what any normal pilot does and makes an announcement over the PA system. Apparently, this was his undoing. The passengers were alarmed by his slurred speech and demanded to have him removed from the plane.
There’s footage of Purna, drunk as a skunk in the cockpit, having an argument about something with the cabin crew.


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