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Brooklyn Bar Raising Minimum Age To 25 Because of Crappy Customers



Phil’s Crummy Corner at 323 Columbia Street in Brooklyn has had it up to here with customers leaving their beer bottles outside, being loud late at night and generally being bad for the neighborhood. That’s why the manager Isabel Santiago has decided to raise the bar’s minimum age to 25, in an attempt to attract a more well-mannered group of alcoholics.

During most of the week, Phil’s is a Latin-American sports bar/restaurant that’s loved by the neighborhood. But come Friday or Saturday night, the vibe is much different. Locals who live near the bar complain that parties rage from 2 AM-4 AM.  One resident told PressUnion that “You will be shocked about the number of conversations you can hear from my bed. They’re animals. Friday and Saturday night, it’s like animal town.” [Editor’s Note: “Animal Town” is now the name of the bar I will open when I win the lottery.]

The biggest question you might have is whether or not this move is legal? We’re obviously not lawyers, but our guess is that yes, it is. It’s an establishment which reserves the right to refuse someone service–so long as that they don’t refuse to serve someone based on their race, religion, or sex.

But is it a good move? Personally, I don’t think so, but the relationships that local bars have with their community is a pretty important one. If you piss off enough of the neighbors, they’ll try to find a way to screw you, either legally or illegally. Apparently, there have an extremely large number of noise complaints made to 311.

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