ESPN Just Dropped A Trailer For A Ric Flair '30 For 30' And It's Going To Be WOOOOOOOO

The word legend gets thrown around far too haphazardly in our society. And it’s a shame, because it dilutes the hell out of one of the greatest words in our lexicon. But let me tell you something folks, if there’s such a thing as a living legend, it’s the Rolex-Wearin’, Diamond-Ring-Wearin’, Kiss-Stealin’, WOO, Wheelin’-Dealin’, Limosinie-Ridin’, Jet-Flyin’, Son-of-a-Gun that is The Nature Boy Ric Flair.
ESPN’s spectacular documentary series 30 for 30 has been churning along since I was in high school, and they still haven’t lost their fastball. This Flair doc is going to be one of their best yet.

I also found this version on Youtube with a different song playing in the background, which I personally like more:

Also, hashtag TBT to that time Ric Flair said he smashed Halle Berry:


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