WATCH: Iowa Got Butthurt North Dakota Tried A Buzzer Beater Down 11 Points, Refused To Shake Hands

In last night’s battle between ferocious hawks, the Iowa Hawkeyes prevailed 84-73 over the North Dakota Fighting Hawks. Even though the score wasn’t close, the final seconds of the game provided some drama. Down 11 points with roughly three seconds left, North Dakota stole the ball from Iowa and attempted a buzzer beater. The shot didn’t even count, but I guess the principle was enough to piss off Iowa coach Fran McCaffery.
Watch how the final seconds played out in the video below.

Jesus Christ, who gives a shit? It’s not like Iowa was across half court and dribbling the clock out. They were practically right under their own basket, and they were virtually begging North Dakota to try to get a cheap bucket as time expired. Fire out an outlet pass and push the ball up the court, and you won’t have to worry about stuff like this happening.
If you want to put on your tin foil hat and bust out some conspiracy theories, the spread in this game was 11 points. I can’t imagine the adrenaline those final few seconds provided for gamblers.

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