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WATCH: SMU Phi Delta Theta Party Crushes ’80s Aspen Party’


SMU Phi Delta Theta Party Video

As a Phi Delta Theta fraternity member, I’m fraternally obligated to publish any and all PDT college party videos on our site, but I have to say that this one from SMU would be getting written up regardless. Honestly, “Aspen in the 80’s” is a theme that you can’t go wrong with: hot chicks in hot pink, fake ski gear, and fake snow because… well you get the point.

Truthfully I’m not a big fan of the whole “fraternity party outside of the house and in another venue” move, but sometimes you just need a bigger space. And judging from the size of this crowd, there’s no way that they’d fit into anything else than the FSU PIKE house.

Check out the rager below.

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