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WATCH: Deer Runs Through Gym Window, Gets Quick Cardio Session In

ABC News

ABC News

This past Friday, a deer ran through a glass window at a Gold’s Gym in Anderson, South Carolina. Once inside the gym, the deer got in a quick cardio session before making its escape. Watch the wild footage in the video below.

And there’s reason #3,218,398 why you should never go to the gym. Besides getting all sweaty and exhausted, you now have to worry about getting gored by Bambi while cranking out some pec flies. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick to my trusty 12 oz. curls from the comfort of my couch.

No one was hurt in this scary incident, which is more than this cross country nerd could say.

Laying out cross country runners and hitting the gym to work on their fitness. Deer are no longer messing around. They are tired of us feasting on their delicious venison, and they are getting ready to launch a full-fledged attack on humanity. Everybody needs to head to their local bar and brush up on their Big Buck Hunter skills to get prepared for the eventual battle of the millennium. Our day of reckoning is coming.

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