WATCH: Guys Try To Survive In Europe Using Only Tinder Dates' Hospitality

There’s an old game that some of my college friends used to play, called “Pull or Die.” The idea of the game was that you’d go out in a city with nothing but a credit card, your phone, and nowhere to stay, making it absolutely necessary to find some girl you need to go home with. As the night goes on and on, things obviously get more and more desperate. Finally by 3:00 A.M., you’re pretty much welcome to sleeping with the old bar fly who’s been winking at you for the past hour. Is it a fun game? No, not really. But it’s gotta be exciting, right?
(Full disclosure: I never even tried to play this game because I’m a wuss and would not be open to sleeping on the street when I failed to pick someone up).
Meet Matt and Ammar, two YouTubers who travel to Europe and play a game similar to “pull or die,” except the only people they can talk to are people who match with them on Tinder. The difference is that they’re not paying for anything (food, drink, housing) so they need their Tinder game to be A+. Matt and Ammar travel from Amsterdam to Paris and then Barcelona, three places where things can go either fantastic or horribly wrong.
Things start out pretty shaky at first, but eventually they start hitting their stride.
Part of me was 100% hoping they’d get themselves into a dangerous, creepy situation but unfortunately the fact that they’re traveling in a pair meant that probably wouldn’t happen.

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