Best iPhone Cases: Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases To Buy Today

Christmas time is coming and iPhones are soon going to be unwrapped, so you might be wondering what iPhone cases should you buy for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or as a Christmas present for yourself? It’s a bit overwhelming with the number of choices you have when it comes down to finding the perfect case for your phone, so we’ll try to make it a bit easier. This year we’ll be looking at five of the best iPhone cases to buy from great protection to amazing style. If you’re looking for a cost-effective case for your iPhone this year, we have that too. There’s little room for error with the cases we’ve selected, so thankfully there’s at least one here that everybody will enjoy this Christmas.

Capsule Collection Noir Classic Case – Amber&Ash

This case has a sleek, smooth design and a nice black finish fit with a triangle shaped hole around the camera to give off some flair. This is a great choice for any consumer who wishes to save some money and still get great protection. It can survive high falls with shock absorption, and it also has a raised ridge to provide support for the screen. The Noir Classic is a great selection for only $23.99 and is perfect for those who don’t want a bulky case but still want protection.
You can buy the Capsule Collection Noir here.

Otterbox Defender – Otterbox

The Otterbox Defender is the classic choice for any iPhone, and while the Otterbox Commuter is definitely a bit cheaper, it doesn’t offer the same protection that this model does. It seals completely around your iPhone, providing shock absorption that can survive high drops, and a cover for the screen to prevent any cracking if it falls face down. It is a bit expensive, retailing at $49.95, but it does provide the best protection of any case available. Oh, and it also comes in tons of different colors, so that’s a plus.
You can buy the Otterbox Defender here.

Tech21 Evo Check – Tech21

This is my daily phone case, and while it doesn’t offer the same ridge that the Noir Classic does, I can certainly admire the Tech21 Evo Check’s clear back and smokey black sides (or whichever color you choose). It offers some of the best protection around the rim of your iPhone, and as long as you’re a pretty careful user or if you have a screen protector that prevents cracking, this is a pretty good choice. It does require a hefty $39.99, but it is lightweight, looks great, and provides necessary support.
You can buy the Tech21 Evo Check here.

PureView Clear Case – Silk

If you’re not a fan of the Tech21 Evo Check either due to its high price point or visible logo, you’ll likely be a fan of the PureView Clear Case. Like the name suggests, it is a clear case. It’s only $11.99, provides great support, and even comes with a screen protector. The fit is amazing, and the border around the rim is both great to look at and feel in your hands. This case is a no-brainer and is definitely one of the best choices for any iPhone user conscious of cost.
You can buy the Pureview Clear here.

Spectre Icon – Lunecase

While the Spectre Icon may not provide much protection to the front of your iPhone, it features amazing technology that utilizes electromagnets from your phone in order to display your notifications on the back of the screen. The idea is brilliant, and the cost is only $34.99, so if you’re not looking for too much protection and would rather have a more useful phone case, this is probably the case for you.
You can buy the Spectre Icon here.

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