College Bowl Picks: Odds, Spreads & Lines For Week 1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Bowl Season is finally here! After months of making all of you money, we get one last hurrah to take money from our bookies to end out the college football season. I’ll be the first one to admit that my last set of picks did not go as planned. I went 1-4 like a goddamn moron, but that’s behind us now. I still have a winning record on the season, and I plan on keeping it that way once it’s all said and done. Bowl Season separates the men from the boys in the world of gambling, and I, for one, look forward to taking more money from my bookie. This Saturday we have a kick-ass slate of games, so let’s cut the small talk and get on with our winners this week:

Celebration Bowl: Grambling State -14.5 vs NC Central

Celebration Bowl Picks

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LOVE Grambling State here, love ’em. I’m a big time Grambling State guy and will bet on them any chance I get. Okay, I’ve actually only bet on them once, but it was earlier this year and they covered so I’m rolling with them in this spot. They went 11-1 this year, won the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAG Nation stand up), and are going to beat the crap out of whoever the hell NC Central is. Also, they put on the best halftime show in all of college football. Tigers in a beatdown.

New Mexico Bowl: New Mexico -7.5 vs Texas San Antonio

New Mexico Bowl Picks

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To be totally honest, I can’t really tell you a damn thing about either team, but I kinda have to take New Mexico here. The bowl is named after them, for God’s sake. This is essentially a home game for them, so they shouldn’t have too many troubles with Texas San Antonio this weekend. Fun facts about New Mexico: Brian Urlacher played safety there in college, and the hit show Breaking Bad was filmed and took place there. Not really relevant to the pick, but just thought it needed to be said.

New Orleans Bowl: UL- Lafayette +5.5 vs Southern Miss

The Ragin’ Cajuns get my vote of confidence here for the sole reason of the highlight I posted above. I watched that kick live during this New Orleans Bowl like five years ago, and it was one of the most exciting kicks I’ve ever seen. Since that glorious moment in time, I promised myself that I would always take the Ragin’ Cajuns whenever they play in the New Orleans Bowl. Also, it’s like a home game for them so that kind of factors into the pick as well.

Camellia Bowl: Toledo – 1 vs Appalachian State

Camellia Bowl Picks

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I would be such an asshole if I didn’t take a team from the MAC during the first weekend of the College Bowl Season, so we’re going with the Rockets from Toledo. That’s pretty much the only reason why I’m taking Toledo here, but because it’s such a low spread I don’t think it’s such a crazy pick.

Las Vegas Bowl: Houston vs San Diego State OVER 51.5 – Lock of the Week

Las Vegas Bowl Picks

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This might be an early favorite for my favorite pick of the entire Bowl Season, and we’re only in the first week, for crying out loud! Both of these teams averaged over 35 points a game, so this over could probably even hit by the end of the first half. I love a sure thing, and this is about as sure of a thing as you can get. I’m not sure if that sentence made much sense, but ignore my poor writing skills and take the over here. And if I had to pick, I kinda like Houston -4 too if that tickles your fancy.
Need a big bounce back week after my atrocious performance from my last slate of picks, and I think these five games are going to be the ones that get me back on track. Buckle up boys and girls, it’s Bowl Season.
Record on the season(started in Week 7): 19-16
Locks of the Week: 3-4
Bowl Season Record: 0-0

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