College Football Week 14 Picks: Odds, Lines & Spreads

I’m back, everyone. After last week off for Thanksgiving, my picks are back and boy, are they good. Week 12 was a pretty solid week as I went 3-2, even though I missed my Lock of the Week. It kinda sucked not having picks last week because there were a lot of big games on the board, but it’s never a bad thing to take a break from the gambling life. There is a great, and I mean GREAT, slate of games this week, Conference Championships galore, so our long wait has come to an end and let’s get to this week’s list of winners:

Clemson -10 vs Virginia Tech – Lock of the Week

Clemson vs Virginia Tech

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Congrats on winning the ACC Coastal Division, Virginia Tech. Your prize is getting your faces caved in on national television by Clemson in the ACC Championship game. I may hate Clemson, but I don’t see any other scenario besides them beating the piss out of the Hokies and punching their ticket to the College Football Playoff. It’s also a good chance for Deshaun Watson to make his case for the Heisman as Lamar Jackson and Louisville stumbled down the stretch. A big game from Watson, which I fully expect, could swing some of the voters in his direction. Hate the team, but love the pick, so much so that I’m even going to make it my lock of the week.

Alabama -24 vs Florida

Alabama vs Florida

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It’s a lot of points to swallow, but Bama is just that much better than Florida. The SEC was very down this year, especially the SEC East, and the lone bright spot (pretty much every year) was the Crimson Tide. I don’t think that Florida is a bad team, but Alabama is just too much for them to handle, and I see it being a pretty miserable day for the Gators. Even the messiah himself, Tim Tebow, couldn’t help Florida against this Alabama team. Death, taxes, and Nick Saban kicking the shit out of whichever crappy SEC East team he plays in the SEC Championship.

Navy -3 vs Temple

Navy vs Temple

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I’m only taking conference championship games this week, and this was one that I liked. I don’t really know much about either team or the American Athletic Conference for that matter, but it would be pretty unpatriotic to pick against the Naval Academy. Not to mention that Temple is in Philadelphia and all teams from Philly can take a goddamn hike.

Colorado +7.5 vs Washington

Colorado vs Washington

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This game is on Friday, but I really like the Buffs in this spot. This is the biggest game Washington has had, probably for as long as I’ve been watching college football, with a chance at a playoff birth on the line. That’s not to say it’s not big for Colorado too, I just think they can play with a bit more ease than the Huskies. Washington really doesn’t have a significant win on their schedule, but that’s also partially because the Pac 12 was down this year. I still think that Washington pulls this out and punches their ticket to the playoff, but Colorado is a team that shouldn’t be slept on, and they should at least keep it close.

Penn State vs Wisconsin UNDER 47.5

Penn State vs Wisconsin

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I don’t know who to pick in this game, so I’m going with the under. Yes, I’m well aware that I’ve said betting on the under is for suckers in the past, and it is, but I really like the under in this game. I know that Penn State’s offense has been putting up a ton of points lately, but Wisconsin’s defense has been one of the best in the country, and I think they’ll be able to slow them down. That’s not to say that I think Wisconsin is going to win, I’m just of the belief that it’s going to be a classic Big Ten low-scoring, physical game. Hopefully the sports gods are all Wisconsin fans because Penn State winning the Big Ten and possibly getting into the playoffs would suck for everyone.

The season is coming to an end, which sucks because that means no more football, so what better way to end these last few weeks than forcing all of our bookies to go bankrupt and unable to buy any of their loved ones’ Christmas presents. Does that make me a monster? Maybe it does… If you’re a loser. Five games, five winners. Let’s roll.

Record on the season(started in Week 7): 18-12

Locks of the Week: 3-3

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