Brilliant Human Kills Friend After Drunkenly Playing With Gun On Facebook Live

Steven Leannais, 30, is accused of accidentally shooting his friend during a dinner party that was being streamed live on Facebook. Leannais was charged with manslaughter over the fatal shooting of his friend, Anthony Stanford II, 27, at his home in Cleveland, Ohio last Thursday.

Leannais was hosting Stanford and two other friends for dinner in his apartment when the shooting took place around 10:00 P.M.


The events in the video match the descriptions of what police wrote in their report of the incident. Christman said he watched the video and could use it as part of the case.

One of the other partygoers went into Leannais’ bedroom and grabbed his handgun. The video shows a man waving a gun around. He asks if the video is recording and says: “We’re going to walk up to this guy and say ‘we’re going to cap this guy’s ass.'”

Someone tells the man the gun is loaded and a woman says “Don’t point that at me.” The man points the gun at his face and Leannais grabs the gun and takes out the magazine and gives it back, the video shows.

Leannais grabbed the gun from his friend and told him it was still loaded, police reports say. “There you go,” Leannais says in the video. “Now it’s not loaded.”

Once the video ended, Leannais picked up the gun, lowered it to his side, and pulled the trigger, unaware that a bullet was in the chamber, according to police reports. The bullet hit Stanford in the upper abdomen, according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner.

Stanford was a maintenance worker in the building and repaired homes on the side, said Stanford’s mother. He graduated from John Marshall High School and was a boxer when he was younger. He still practiced boxing to train his younger brothers.

As for Leannais, he made his first court appearance Monday following the shooting. Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Suzan Sweeney set his bond at $10,000. He is charged with third-degree felony involuntary manslaughter.

Leannais’ attorney Leif Christman said that his client is “extremely sorry for what happened and extends his condolences to Anthony’s mother, Mrs. (Trina) Ford,” and that “If there was any to trade places, he’d gladly do it.”


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