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WATCH: Was There A Better College Party Than USC Phi Psi’s FROST? Probably Not


USC Phi Psi Frost Party Recap

A couple of years ago, USC Phi Psi threw a “Frost” party that looked like the most fun event that a fraternity had ever thrown. I distinctly remember thinking to myself that I had to post about it quickly because there was no way Phi Psi Nationals were going to allow the video recap to be up for even 48 hours. I think the video made it until the end of the day before it was removed.

From the limited memory I’ve been left with, I remember thinking while watching it that 1) the party must have cost Phi Psi a ton of money 2) the college girls who attended were straight out of Hollywood casting and 3) that I was an idiot for never even applying to USC.

So what has USC’s Phi Psi been up to since? Apparently throwing the same quality party. Check out their party recap from their FROST party which was held around three weeks ago.

For parties like these, we also try and find a couple of Instagram photos to paint a better picture of what happened. And yeah, the editing on the video isn’t a lie–this thing looked insane. Check out the photos below, starting with Miss COED 2016 Kendall Fuhrman.

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