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WATCH: South Dakota State Scores A Touchdown On One Of The Most Ridiculous Trick Plays You’ll Ever See


south dakota state north dakota state

In case you were under the impression that Army vs. Navy was the only college football game today, South Dakota State today ran the wildest trick play since ‘The Annexation of Puerto Rico’ in their first-round FCS playoff game.

Their top-seeded opponent, North Dakota State, have won the past five FCS Championships, including the past two seasons with Carson Wentz under center.  So their rivals to the south knew they’d have to pull every trick out of the bag if they were going to pull off the upset. And that is why the South Dakota State coaching staff drew this wily play up, which their players executed perfectly for a touchdown.

Here’s the absurd play from another angle.

Unfortunately for all you South Dakota State fans, that first-quarter touchdown was pretty much that team’s only highlight of the day. The Jackrabbits currently lost 36-10.




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