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WATCH: Chinese Professor Forces Students To Slap Each Other For Being Late



As a Professor, you can bet that one of the most annoying things in the world is students showing up late to your lecture. It’s disrespectful, it slows the flow of my talk, and it distracts the rest of the students who showed up on time.

As a student, you better believe that I’m going to be late to class–if I show up at all.

So it really just comes down to a battle between who’s got the stronger conviction. In the case of this one Chinese professor, identified at Lu Ping at Hexi University, he wins by a landslide. According to the description of his video, this teacher stood outside his classroom and forced his late students to slap each other in face before they entered. And if they didn’t slap each other hard enough? They had to do it again and again until he was satisfied.

Obviously this would never fly here in the United States, but I love how those girls tried to be sneaky as f*ck by using their hair for helmets. Guess what? He’s not falling for it. He’s making you hit each other like ten times. As for the guys, they know the deal. One big slap and they get the green light. If it’s not audible it never happened.

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