This Video Of A 14-Year-Old Pulling A Knife On His Classmates Is As Intense As It Gets

Logan Clark, a 14-year-old from Nevada, pulled a knife on his classmates before being shot by police. A parent of one student said Clark “was bullied for days before he snapped and attacked his friends.” Clark, pictured in the video, lunged at his classmates with a large knife. After refusing to put down his weapon, he was shot by police and is currently recovering in the hospital.
Via Reno-Gazette Journal:

A student brandishing a knife at Hug High School was shot by a Washoe County School District police officer Wednesday morning, sending the campus into lockdown for the rest of the day as police went room to room accounting for all students and finding witnesses.
Justin Clark, who identified his son Logan Clark, 14, as the student shot Wednesday by a police officer during school, said the family is being represented by Reno attorney David Houston.

As for the officer who shot Clark, Reno police spokesman Tim Broadway said the officer is on paid administrative leave, which is routine procedure. The police have yet to release the officer’s identity.
Reno Police Chief Jason Soto said the incident began at 11:25 A.M. due to an altercation between two students. One of those students, Clark, drew a knife and tried to attack others. At that point, a school police officer told the student to drop the knife. When the student refused to comply, the officer shot him and then provided medical attention.

The school was locked down immediately following the shooting, forcing students and staff to remain in their classrooms as police blocked all access to the campus in north Reno. Police also shut down Sutro Avenue and told all parents to wait at the school gate behind the Sonic restaurant on McCarran Boulevard until students were allowed to leave.
At about noon, the district sent an email to parents across the district. The message didn’t mention a police shooting or student injury, just that Hug was locked down following “an incident on campus.”

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What Happened?

A 14-Year-Old Hug High School student pulled out a knife and lunged at classmates, reportedly lashing out against bullying he has endured for years. After refusing to drop his weapon, he was shot by the school officer.

Who is Logan Clark?

Logan Clark is a 14-year-old who attends Hug High School in Reno, Nevada. He was shot by a school police officer after brandishing a knife, and is currently recovering in the hospital

Photos & Tweets from the Hug High School Logan Clark Shooting

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