Shout Out To These A+ Morons For Getting Themselves Arrested Via Mannequin Challenge

Total Bobby Shmurda move, am I right? If you don’t remember, an upcoming rapper by the name of Bobby Shmurda released a BANGER of a track called ‘Hot N*gga’, wherein he essentially lists all of the crimes he and his buddies have committed. Lo and behold, , New York City Police arrested Shmurda (real last name, Pollard) and charged him with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of weapons, and reckless endangerment, all thanks to his song.
Shmurda literally f*cked himself and is now serving seven years in prison.
Looks like these Grade A jackasses didn’t learn from Shmurda’s mistakes, as they thought posting a video of themselves toting a bunch of guns was a good idea.
via The Daily Mail:

Two men were arrested in Huntsville, Alabama at 5:00 A.M. Tuesday after police were sent a gunfight-themed mannequin challenge video that was posted on Facebook in November. The resulting investigation saw cops bringing in the men on gun and drug charges, as well as finding four guns, body armor, packs of marijuana and ammo, WHNT reported.
The video, which shows 19 people – most with guns – posing in a freeze-framed ‘shootout’, was posted on the Facebook profile of Hailey Nichols on November 9. It has since received more than four million views.
Among those viewers were Madison County Sheriff’s Office investigators, who were sent the video by a concerned citizen.

This right here people, this is as dumb as it gets. Bane of existence right here.

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