These Two Guys Who Pulled A Knife At A Frat Party Are Lucky They Aren't Dead

Bold move by these two backwoods clowns for thinking they could pull a knife on a fraternity. If you’re trying to come at a squad of thirty-some dudes in their twenties, you better come with a gun, because that knife ain’t helping. You know how many weapons there are in a frat house? You think they’re scared of one little knife? PLEASE. Get a grip or an adult weapon or go the f*ck home.
Two men, Levi G Drouillard, 27, and Kenneth R Mitchell, 35, are facing charges after police say they tried to crash a fraternity party at Indiana University Bloomington Saturday.
Via Fox:

Officers say fraternity brothers at Sigma Chi wouldn’t let them inside, because they weren’t members. That’s when police say Drouillard began shoving, attempting to punch several residents and pulled a knife.
The fraternity brothers secured themselves behind their door. Police say the suspects then broke a basement window and entered the house. During an interview with police, Drouillard said he intended to get back inside to make a point to the fraternity brothers and continue fighting them.
Students called police and also started a group chat on their phones to keep each other updated on the suspects’ movements. IUPD reported to the scene and arrested Drouillard and Mitchell around 12:30 A.M. Police say a knife was found in Drouillard’s coat pocket.

Let me tell you something right now: had this been my fraternity, dude would have caught multiple bat swings to the dome. Yeah, granted, Rutgers New Brunswick is a little more rough and tumble than bumblestickfuck Indiana, but these Sigma Chi bros gotta step up their defensive strategies. You gotta defend your turf, boys.
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