This Student Had The Best Excuse For Missing Class: A SWAT Team Outside His Door

Excuses are a dime a dozen, so if you’re a college student and you want to miss class or homework, you better come correct with your explanation. We’ve even seen examples of college professors asking for the programs for funerals of dead uncles, grandparents, etc. The only good news is that in today’s world, smartphones and cameraphones mean that you can take pictures to send along with your excuses. That way, when your college professor doesn’t believe you, you can send along photo evidence.
Photo evidence certainly came in handy when one North Texas student and redditor /u/SgtScheisskopf was faced with a difficult situation:
A) Go to class and risk getting shot in a SWAT Sniper team standoff or B) stay at home and lie down in your tub wearing a bicycle helmet? Apparently this wise student made the smart decision. And for added bonus points, he even took a screenshot of the email and situation.
Here’s a transcript of the email:

Good afternoon Professor [Redacted]
I know this is going to sound crazy but there is a sniper team outside my house right now. They’ve been there for about 2 hours now and it’s not clear whether or not they will still be there by 6. I live in [redacted] off [redacted] if you’d like to check with police. In the event that there is still a SWAT operation around my house by the time I need to leave for class would you consider excusing me for the day if I send you my completed assignments?
Again, I know this is a strange situation but I’d rather not leave the house at the moment.

Thankfully, the Kansas Professor was understanding enough that he excused the student. Here’s his emailed response (+ bonus points for starting with “Lordy Mercy”):
When asked about the outcome of the SWAT standoff, /u/SgtScheisskopf told commenters that the situation had ended peacefully without any gunfire.

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