Luke Bryan Hit An Older Fan At His Concert Who Clearly Doesn't Like His Music

Luke Bryan is probably one of, if not the most, popular “country pop” music stars in the country. But apparently one gentleman in Nashville, TN isn’t onboard with Luke. We know this because said gentleman had absolutely zero qualms giving two middle fingers to Luke during his performance at Charlie Daniels’ birthday celebration, the “Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam” on Wednesday night. So what did Luke do? He slapped that geezer in the face and finished his song.
Other news outlets are reporting it’s a punch, but you can clearly see some fingers on Bryan’s right hand. No, this is a slap–which we can all agree is like a billion times more offensive. You wanna make a point? You slap them. Put them in their place.
Honestly I can’t say that I ever saw a slap coming from a country music star, but maybe that’s the difference between country music and country pop. Maybe this is the point that the old man was trying to prove. To be fair, though, Bryan did yell “Come on” to the old guy, who then rose out of his seat, walked towards the stage, and put his hands up.
The best video of the altercation is the YouTube video here. You can clearly see the man and his wife (to the left) not having a good time. There’s a better video of the actual hit below that.

Here’s the best hit/punch/slap video.

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