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Jacksonville Bank Robbery: Full Story & Must-See Details


Community First Credit Union Bank Robbery

The Jacksonville, Florida Community First Credit Union was the scene of a bank robbery gone wrong this morning. According to witnesses, a bank robber walked into the CFCU, located at 1623 Edgewood Ave, around 9:00 A.M. this morning with a handgun. The robber forced the bank tellers and other customers into a corner, effectively taking them as hostages.

There were reports of gunshots by witnesses. While it’s not yet confirmed if there were any injuries or casualties during the situation, this is a text message that was sent by one of the hostages… which is strange because authorities have reported zero shots were fired.

Update: Thankfully, it seems as though the Jacksonville SWAT team has ended the hostage situation, clearing out the bank and releasing 11 hostages. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s department has confirmed that the suspect is in their custody.

One has to wonder why a person would think to rob a bank with a weapon in 2016. It adds unnecessary potential for disaster. I can’t think of a single bank or bank teller who wouldn’t just hand over the cash if you asked nicely enough. Then you start taking hostages, etc. Just an all around stupid decision. The situation seems to have ended peacefully enough.

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