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“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’ Doesn’t Even Begin To Explain What Happened To This Kid


Daniel Wesley EMT

There’s hearing the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished,” and then there’s actually seeing what that means in real life. Take Daniel Wesley, for example, an awesome 17-year-old kid who’s currently studying for his EMT certification while his other classmates are out probably stealing their parents’ liquor. It’s an incredibly sh*tty story but one that hopefully ends somewhat well.

Who is Daniel Wesley?

Daniel Wesley is a 17-year-old Central High senior in Louisiana. He’s the son of Kathy Wesley, his mom, and a retired East Baton Rouge EMT.

What Happened?

Daniel was driving home from a shopping trip at the Mall of Louisiana with his mom when the two of them came across 30-year-old April Peck. April was lying on the ground with a gunshot wound. That’s all Daniel needed to see before he grabbed his dad’s medical bag and tried to save April’s life.

What he didn’t see, however, was the piece of trash who had done this to April: her husband, Terrell Walker. And while Daniel was helping to save her life, Walker came speeding back to the scene of the crime in his car, aiming directly for the good samaritan. Walker hit Daniel and a group of EMTs who had arrived at the scene with his car, throwing Daniel against the ambulance that had arrived. The crash shattered Daniel’s arm immediately.

Then Walker stepped out of Peck’s Chevy Malibu and shot Wesley.

“If you help her, I’m going to kill you,” Kathy Wesley said Walker told her son as he turned to chase after the others trying to save Peck’s life.

Wesley managed to crawl away toward the Essen Lane median, his mother said, but when Walker returned he shot him again, then climbed in his car and ran over Wesley a second time as he attempted to escape [source].

Daniel was taken to the hospital with a shattered arm, a pair of bullet wounds, and a broken leg. Obviously, there was something seriously wrong with Terrell Walker so we won’t shed any tears for him after he died in a shootout with police later that day. Sadly, April Peck died a few hours after the incident.

As for Daniel? He’s recovering. His surgery on Sunday night, which placed rods and pins on his femur, seems to have been a success. He’s due for more surgery today on his shattered arm. We wish him the absolute best, and we’re sure that there are going to be plenty of people who will want to reward him for being a great person.

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