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WATCH: Bodybuilder Loses Competition, So He Slaps A Judge In The Face

Evolution of Bodybuilding's YouTube

Evolution of Bodybuilding’s YouTube

Bodybuilder Giannis Magos was none too pleased with the judging at the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup in Greece. He was crowned the winner of the 100kg division, but he came in second place in the overall standings. This was the third time that Magos had came in second place, so fed up with being the bodybuilding version of the Buffalo Bills, he slapped judge Armando Marquez in the face.

What a sore loser. Take your bronzer and your silver medal, and go the hell home, ya big baby. There’s no place for bush league behavior like that in the world of bodybuilding.

Here’s a longer version of Magos’ outburst with an alternate angle of the slap.

That was a forceful goddamn slap. I’d hate to see the damage that the first place winner could’ve caused. Supposedly, Magos also whipped out his dick to voice his displeasure, but thankfully, that part wasn’t caught on video. Dude’s testicles probably look like the world’s grossest raisins with all those steroids coursing through his veins.

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