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Watch Dwight Howard, Known Bitch, Challenge A Fan To A Fight After Being Called A ‘Bitch’



When will Dwight Howard learn to just keep his mouth shut? The dude has botched his own career/public image so horribly that literally anything he does can be spun into a reason for everyone to hate the dude again. Needless to say, letting a fan get into your head and then challenging them to a fight is definitely one of those things that people will hate you for.

You would think that after a career spanning for over a decade, Howard would have developed some semblance of mental fortitude? But, NOPE, here he is on his fourth team, during his fourth year, still arguing with a wasted 20-something in the bowels of the Staples Center.

Dwight, grow up or retire dude. You and your career are just a nuisance.

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