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PROPS To This Repo Man Who Helped An Elderly Couple After He Had To Repossess Their Car


This right here, kids, this is what the holidays are all about. People helping people. Doing the right thing. Treating others the way you want to be treated. All those cliches and then some. Jim Ford, co-owner of Illini Asset Recovery, understands what the holidays are all about.

Via Fox:

“My grandparents are gone, but you know– I could see them in the Kippings.  I knew what was going on. The cost of their medications have doubled or tripled, and I know that’s happening to everybody. I knew why they were behind,” said Ford.

“We had to go to the doctor, drug store, and grocery,” said Pat, owner of the car. “That’s about all we ever got to do.”

And now their transportation was gone. Ford did repossess their car.  But then he got on the phone with the bank.

“I pulled over about a block away from their house and called the bank and said… we got to do something. How about I just pay it current right now?”

Ford promptly set up a GoFundMe account.

He said, “We raised most of it in the first eight hours. I think might just reactivate it, because they are a lot of people who keep asking to donate.”

And Monday, Stan and Pat got their four-wheel freedom back.

Not only did Ford pay off the whole car, but he gave Kippings the extra money from the GoFundMe account. Now watch this video and tell me you don’t start to tear up thinking about your own grandparents.

[h/t Fox]

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