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Von Miller Has Filed A Restraining Order To Keep His Sex Tape Private


Von Miller Sex Tape Updates

Von Miller, Superbowl Champion and Superbowl MVP, is reportedly doing anything and everything he can to stop an alleged sex tape from leaking to the public. According to TheSmokingGun, Instagram model Elizabeth Ruiz filmed Miller and herself having sex, and then after promising to delete the video, threatened to release the sex tape to the public unless Miller paid her $2.5 million.

Obviously taken at face value, this is the definition of extortion.

Last week, Miller’s lawyers filed a court order against Ruiz to stop her selling or commercially exploiting from the sex tape. At the time that order was filed, she was being referred to as “Jane Doe.” But following the court order, Judge Amy Hogue issued a temporary restraining order against Elizabeth Ruiz (which is how we know her name) from releasing, copying, or distributing the tape.

You can see Elizabeth’s best photos in the link below.

What Happened?

According to the court filing and TSG, Ruiz, a bunch of other hoochie mommas, and some of Miller’s friends accompanied Miller on vacation to Cancun in mid-June. You can see a photo of the two of them in the photo above:

Accompanied by a couple of male friends, Ruiz, and several other women, Miller rented Villa Albatros, an 11,500-square-foot beachfront residence. Instagram photos show Miller, Ruiz, and the other vacationers riding jet skis, parasailing, lounging poolside, and, as seen in the below image, preparing to take a private jet for a night out in Miami.

Ruiz (seen above) recorded herself having sex with Miller “while they were alone indoors,” the court filing reports. “Plaintiff insisted at all times that the recording be kept private. Ruiz agreed that she would keep the recording private,” added Miller’s attorney.

Upon returning to the U.S., Miller spoke with Ruiz on the phone and reminded her that “he did not want anyone to see the recording and asked Ruiz to erase the recording.” Ruiz responded, “Gotcha,” according to the court application [source].

But apparently, something was lost in translation because months later Kevin Blatt, an LA businessman who’s brokered the sale of a ton of celebrity sex tapes, contacted Miller, saying that Ruiz had asked for his help in selling the tapes. It appears as though he turned her down, although that’s not confirmed.

A few days after Blatt contacted Miller’s people, an attorney named Corey Boddie wrote a letter to Miller’s representatives. That letter contained screenshots of the video, plus a request to transfer “ownership rights” of the video to Miller for a fee of $2.5 million. If that demand was not met, Ruiz would release the video to the public. Boddie was told by Miller’s people that equaled extortion.

On October 20, Boddie contacted Miller’s attorneys to say that he no longer represented Ruiz.

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