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Man Arrested For Attacking His Boyfriend With Ramen Noodles



40-year-old Michael Herrick of Pinellas Park, Florida has quite the rap sheet, as he’s been previously convicted for grand theft, passing bad checks, and violating probation. He can now add a domestic battery charge and the absolutely heinous crime of wasting delicious ramen noodles to that list.

Early Friday morning, Herrick and his live-in boyfriend got into a heated argument. Via The Smoking Gun, here’s how a lovers quarrel turned into a ramen assault.

The 12:30 AM dispute in the couple’s Pinellas Park home turned violent when Herrick threw a cup of ramen noodles at the victim, who was struck in the neck by the noodles. Herrick, cops noted, said that “water was thrown on him” prior to his noodle tossing.

After cops concluded that Herrick was the incident’s primary aggressor, he was arrested for domestic battery. The 6’ 7”, 200-pound Herrick was booked into jail on the misdemeanor count and released from custody yesterday afternoon on his own recognizance.

6’7″!? I guess the boyfriend should be happy Herrick threw noodles and not hands at him. That’s a big ass dude.

According to the arrest affidavit, the pair has been dating and living together for roughly a year. This gives me faith that they’ll be able to work through their problems and put this incident behind them. It’s just a minor speed bump on a long road of happiness. These crazy kids will be Lady and the Tramping their ramen noodles in no time.

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