Iowa Fan Stole CJ Beathard's Helmet After Historic UM Win, Wore It Around Town To Bars Like A Champion

Last weekend, the Iowa Hawkeyes football team won their biggest game of the year (and maybe top five in program history) against the #3 ranked team in the country, the University of Michigan. The final score was 14-13 and it was a last-second Iowa field goal that won the game. Also, the Hawkeyes were at home, which meant they could do this:

As you can see, there were few fans that chose not to go bonkers and rush the field. It was absolute mayhem.
But within all that mayhem and ruckus, one drunk Iowa fan went above and beyond the normal call of duty. He wanted something to remember the game by. So this fan ran up to the Iowa bench and stole starting QB CJ Beathard’s helmet. This fan than proceeded to escape from the stadium with the helmet, wore it around the Iowa City bars, and paraded it around town like a champion should. Although nothing is confirmed, it’s a safe bet that someone probably drank a ton of beers out of it.
But then here comes the hard part: the nincomopoop lost it!
The Iowa City Police Department claimed on Twitter that they recovered the helmet and returned it to the Hawkeyes.

Helmets weren’t the only thing that went missing, though.

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