NBA Picks And Parlays: Spreads & Betting Tips For Week 3

That did not go as planned. After my awesome start for my picks in the first week of the NBA season, last week was not as kind to me as I went 2-3. Still have a winning record through two weeks, but I’m 0-2 on my Locks of the Week. For any of those wondering, I’m still going to pick against the Nets each and every time because they’re a joke. Since they do not play tonight, we’ll have to find ourselves a new Lock of the Week, but whatever, I’m up for the task. Tonight offers a great slate of games, so it’s time for me to get back to my winning ways. There’s obviously a lot of basketball left to be played this season, but I’m going for a winning record on the season. Love the picks for tonight, winners on winners:

Knicks +6 @ Celtics

Knicks +6 Celtics

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I’m doing the unthinkable and betting on my Knicks, but I have to say I feel pretty good about this game. While I think the Celtics are the better team, they’ve gotten off to a cold start this year, and it’s doubtful that Al Horford plays tonight. Hopefully, the Knicks can keep it close, which would require them to make Kristaps Porzingis the focal point of their offense. I will lose my goddamn mind if I lose this bet because Carmelo and Derrick shot a combined 15-50 between the two of them, which is very likely to happen but whatever. Also, here’s your daily “Go to Hell James Dolan you god forsaken asshole who’s preventing Knicks fans from seeing their team win an NBA Title” comment.

Cavaliers -7 @ Wizards

Cavaliers -7 Wizards

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I hate betting on any team Lebron James is on because whenever I use to bet on him he’d always lose me money like a shit head, but lately he’s been pretty kind to me so I’m rolling with the Cavs. I think Cleveland is a far better team than Washington, really than the entire Eastern Conference for that matter, plus J.R. Smith is my dude and I’ll bet on him whenever that opportunity arises. Kyrie Irving is kinda cool, too, I guess.

Clippers @ Thunder OVER 204

Clippers Thunder OVER 204

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I have no idea who to pick this game, so I’m going with the over because betting on the over is always fun. Both teams can score at will, so hopefully they decide to give us a little Veterans Day treat by playing zero defense and a shit ton of points because this is America and we love three pointers and slam dunks. So go with the over, and if you’re feeling kinda frisky and want to take one of these two teams, then I guess go with the Clippers.

Spurs -8.5 vs Pistons – Lock of the Week

Spurs vs Pistons - Lock of the Week

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If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, when in doubt just bet on the Spurs. To no one’s surprise, they’re really good again this year and are also great at home. Kawhi Leonard is the man, Gregg Popovich is the man, so expect the Spurs to take care of business tonight and put some money in my pocket as my Lock of the Week. And you know what? Shout out to Patty Mills too, love that guy. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oy! Oy! Oy!

Raptors +3 @ Hornets

Raptors +3 Hornets

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I’ll admit that I don’t love this game, but I needed another pick to round out my five for the week, so we’re going with the Raptors. This probably isn’t a great team to choose from, but I like Toronto better as an overall team, and nobody on the Hornets really scares me other than Kemba Walker. I expect DeMar DeRozen to put up a ton of points like he’s done for the first few weeks of the season, and for Kyle Lowry to do Kyle Lowry things and help get me this W. I went to Toronto a few months ago and it was a pretty kick ass city, so I guess that factors into this pick as well. Don’t judge me.
I feel really good about all of these picks, and fully expect to take my bookie’s money tonight. No better way to bounce back from a losing week than by responding with a group of picks that go 5-0. Have yourself a great Veterans Day, enjoying taking money from your bookie, and God Bless America.
Record on the Season: 6-4
Locks of the Week: 0-2

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