Are You Really A Field Goal Holder If You Don’t Have A Highlight Tape?

The most unsung heroes of every college football team are the field goal holders. You’ll almost never know the names of the holders if they do their job right, but if they mess up then you can bet that every single fan will be calling for their heads. Being a holder isn’t easy or glorious, but chasing fame isn’t why they signed up for the job. These guys are in it solely for the headbutts and handshakes after they see the ball go through the uprights.

Enter Peter Mortell, the holder for Minnesota last year, who created the Mortell Holder of the Year Award. The coveted Mortell was awarded for the first time to none other than… Peter Mortell. Mortell was drafted by the Packers as a punter/QB, but was released during the season. But all that means is that he has more time to govern over the award he’s created. And holders, teams, and the entire nation are really buying into it. Some of the country’s top players have even taken to creating their own highlight reels in an attempt to gain favor in Mortell’s eyes.

Right now there is a very select list of kick holders who have the possibility of glory. Just be warned that it’s very select. Almost zero names on it.

Now that you’ve gotten to know the field of contestants, here are some who have gone above and beyond to campaign for their holds. Check out the most electric highlight videos you’ve ever seen in your damn lives.

University of Michigan – Garrett Moores

Moores for Holder of the Year! @cbfowler @PMortell1 @gmoores11 #HoldOn

— Sonny Anderson (@SonnyEquipment) November 11, 2016

Texas A&M – “Lightning McQueen”

14 Days until Aggie Football = Lightning McQueen Highlights⚡️🚗#KaChow@Conner_McQueen

— Cold Chedda (@ColdCheddaa) August 20, 2016

Iowa State – Kyle Starcevich

Our very own @kstarce14 has been nominated for the @PMortell1 Holder of the Year award. #LacesOut

— Cyclone Football (@CycloneFB) November 10, 2016

Cal Bears – Dylan Klumph

If this doesn't get you hyped to hold, I don't know what will. @PMortell1 @SportsCenter @ESPNCFB #GoBears #KlumphForMortell #HolderOfTheYear

— Dylan Klumph (@DylanKlumph) November 7, 2016

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