Pregnant Girlfriend of NFL Recruit Poured Boiling Water On His Head

Jonnu Smith, a senior tight end for Florida International University, will be out for the remainder of the college football season because of a disgusting attack. According to Sports Illustrated, Smith’s girlfriend, Mary Gaspar, who is five months pregnant with his first child, poured boiling water on his head on Halloween night. The serious burns on his head, neck, shoulder and back were so severe that he’s had to cut his college football career short.
This sucks for multiple reasons, not the least of which are because A) burns are the worst injuries ever and B) he’s an NFL-level recruit who was looking to get drafted this year. This assault could potentially have cost Jonnu a career in the NFL, millions of dollars of lost salary, and even millions in child support for Jonnu (who is now probably going to prison).

What Happened?

So what exactly happened that caused him to dump boiling water on his head? It was just an argument that the two had in Smith’s own dorm room. Here’s the description from the Miami Herald:

According to the arrest affidavit, Smith suffered severe burns on his head, neck, back, a shoulder and an arm.
Miami Gardens resident Mary Gaspar, five months pregnant with Smith’s child, was charged with aggravated battery. Gaspar has been released on a pre-trial release order.
The two argued through the day over the attention Smith was paying her and their relationship. While in Smith’s dorm room and “feeling extremely emotional and stressed,” she told police, she boiled a pot of water. Then, she walked over to Smith and poured it on him.
When Smith didn’t react strongly enough for her, she started hitting him with her open hands, she told police.
The extent of the burns aren’t known, but Smith has been seen back on campus even though he’s not fit for the football field.

So first she burns him and then when he doesn’t hit her back, she starts slapping him. That shows both intelligence and good rationale, two incredibly important things for a parent.
Obviously there are some outstanding circumstances here, namely that Gaspar is five months pregnant, but that’s unacceptable behavior from a human being. A man would probably (rightfully) spend multiple years in jail for that kind of attack. Here’s a photo of the couple in happier times.
Gaspar has been charged with aggravated battery.

Who Is Mary Gaspar?

Mary Gaspar is a woman who is five months pregnant with FIU TE Jonnu Smith’s baby. She is also currently under arrest for aggravated battery after pouring boiling water on his head.
Here are some photos from her Twitter before she deleted her account.
And a fitting Twitter headline photo. “Daddy’s Little Monster” sounds about right.
Here’s Mary Gaspar’s mugshot after she was arrested.

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