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Guess How Much Conor McGregor Cares About The Election


Conor McGregor Election Day Interview

You know who Hillary supporters need to hear from in a stressful time like this? Not Hillary Clinton. Not President Barack Obama. Not even Steven Colbert. No, in order to actually find solace and comfort in the future of the United States, let’s turn to Conor McGregor, a feisty Irish immigrant who makes hundreds of millions of dollars beating the sh*t out of people a couple of times a year.

When asked about the surprise Election Day results just three days before the biggest fight of his career, McGregor gave this gem of a response:

“I just could not give a bollocks, with all due respect, the whole thing is weird to me. The public are just brainwashed into thinking something is going to happen with this one.”

“I don’t think either of those two contenders, or whatever they are, have power in anything, anyway. But whatever, it is what it is.”

People are apparently all over this quote as a confirmation that he’s the greatest celebrity who ever lived. I just want to point out that while, yes, the sun will rise and set just like it has every other day, it might not be fair to ask a prize fighter who is just days away from the biggest payday in his life about politics. McGregor has been training every day for weeks and months to beat Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden for UFC 205.

Am I bitter about the election results? 100% absolutely I am. But I’m willing to listen to people who voted or who are educated about what happened, because that’s how we improve this country. What I don’t want to do is let people with absolutely zero skin in the game, interviewed by foreign media, who could care less whether their tens of millions of prize dollars are taxed at 5% or 3.5%, tell me that this election didn’t matter. Tell that to the millions of LGBT, minority or immigrant citizens that voted.

Good luck on Saturday, Conor. The media is projecting you to win UFC 205.

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