LISTEN: High School Football Coach Delivers Pregame Speech For The Ages

News 12 Varsity

News 12 Varsity

Tony DeMatteo, the head coach of Somers High School’s football team, sure knows how to motivate his players. Before they took on Yorktown in the New York Section 1-A championship, DeMatteo delivered a pregame speech that would even fire up the walking corpse that is Jim Caldwell. Via FOX Sports, you can listen to the speech below or check out the video footage here.

KILL ‘EM ALL! I haven’t played football since middle school and that speech makes me want to throw on some pads and clothesline a defenseless receiver. Love how he was pulling out of all the stops with those historical references. In the lock of the century, Somers beat Yorktown 42-6, and their next game will be against Cornwall Central in the state playoffs.

Because I’m now thoroughly jacked up, here’s my three favorite pregame speeches from sports movies.

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