Living Legend Theo Epstein Chowed Down On A Goat At Wrigley After The Cubs Broke The Curse

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If he wasn’t already one, then Theo Epstein is now a bonafide living legend after ending a second franchise’s seemingly interminable World Series drought.
As I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now, Epstein was the architect of the 2004 Red Sox team that won the World Series for the first time in 86 years, and added another one in 2007 for good measure before arriving in Chicago. Then after being hired away by the Cubs in 2011 to be their president, Epstein laid out a 5-year plan that to win a World Series. Of course, he delivered right on schedule.
And after winning Epstein has decided to celebrate finally slaying the billy goat by devouring the flesh of his franchise’s torturer for over a century. Actually though. Via the Chicago Sun-Times:

“We were on the phone with Jed. He was recapping the game, and in the background, Theo says he wanted roasted goat for lunch,” restaurateur Kevin Boehm said, referring to Jed Hoyer, the Cubs’ executive vice president and general manager. “I said we’d make it happen.”
Boehm is co-owner of Boka Restaurant Group with Rob Katz. They enlisted chef Stephanie Izard to prepare the goat. It’s a specialty at her Girl & the Goat restaurant, which is part of the Boka group.
For Epstein’s executive team, Izard oven-roasted a 9 1/2 pound goat.

Absolute power move by Epstein. But not a surprise from the guy who said he’s celebrating the World Series by going on a bender.

Theo Epstein is living out every baseball nerd’s dreams.
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