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Professional Crazy Person Curt Schilling Promotes Lynching, Gets Absolutely Shredded On Twitter

via Getty

via Getty

Curt Schilling is a nut. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. As sure as the sun will rise, Curt Schilling will tweet something overwhelming offensive every other week. And yet, somehow, someway, I find myself surprised by every new transgression of his. Why? I have no f*cking idea why. You think I’d be used to his madness by now. I’m not. Especially when it has to do with lynching.

Yeah, so, like I said, BOLD move from Schilling. Naturally, he received some backlash, and when he did, he tried defending himself like this:

Classic Trump guy move: “It’s not about what I’m doing, it’s about what she did!” Idiot.

And Schilling, who is not only a raving lunatic, but also completely spineless, quickly deleted the tweet. However, not before former All-Star pitcher Dan Haren caught wind of it. Haren, one of the most Bro players to ever pitch in the league, absolutely shredded Schilling:

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