WATCH: Why You Shouldn’t Ever Make Pot Brownies In The State of Texas

We’re all about having fun here at COED, but we also like to educate our readers about things we think they should know. One of those things is why people in Texas, or going to Texas, or even passing through Texas, should never, ever bake pot brownies. Because of asinine Texas state laws, cooked marijuana is actually treated the same as if you were handling heroin. Making things even worse, the state of Texas will prosecute you for the full weight of your baked goods. So if you have a tray of brownies that weigh a pound (even if there’s only 1/8 of weed mixed in), the state will prosecute you as though you had a pound of heroin.

We’d like to give a special shoutout to the boys over at Hutson & Harris, who came up with a fun little song to teach you some important life lessons.

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