WATCH: Man's Vape Explodes In Pocket, Melts Jacket Around Finger

In an effort to make batteries smaller and more affordable, the world has essentially turned power sources into ticking time bombs. We’ve seen it with hover boards, cell phones, and we’re still seeing it with e-cigarettes/vapes. As far as these exploding batteries were concerned, though, I’ve always just assumed they light on fire, becoming consumed in flames at extremely high temperatures. I never in a million years would have thought they actually explode like fireworks.
Except, now that I’ve seen what happened to Amine Britel, a club owner in France, I know better. Check out the absolute explosion that comes out of his e-cigarette. Unbelievable.

Amine spoke to The Daily Mail about the harrowing event:

“‘And after the shock of the explosion, I realised that I had caught fire. I did not really understand what was happening to me. The pain only came afterwards. I have second-degree burns on my stomach and my jacket melted around my finger where I tried to put the fire out,’ said the unfortunate club owner. ‘Fortunately I was wearing a cotton T-shirt underneath and not a synthetic one. Also fortunately, the battery was not in my jeans.'”

He plans on suing the Chinese brand who manufactured the battery but realizes that he’s probably not going to get a dime out of them.

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