People Think This Is A Video Of Conor McGregor Breaking Up A School Yard Fight

I mean, at the time of this writing, it has over 1.6 million views in 17 hours, so people obviously suspect something. In all reality, it probably isn’t, but it’s justtttt close enough that it causes a moment of doubt. Sure as hell sounds and looks like him.

The 28-year-old Irishman is currently in Ireland at his SBG training base training for his November 12 fight against Eddie Alvarez in New York at UFC 205, so it’s unlikely he’s just strolling through a park dressed to the nines. But the suit does look JUST like one he wears and the voice sounds CLOSE enough to McGregor’s that people are going to truly believe it’s him.

This event will be the first UFC event hosted in New York City. It will also be the first UFC event hosted in the state of New York after the longtime professional MMA ban was revoked in early 2016. The McGregor-Alvarez fight will be the second time in UFC history that champions in different divisions will fight for the same title.

[h/t LAD Bible]

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