Apple October Event 2016: Live Blog, Keynote Updates & Highlights

Today Apple will unveil a bunch of new technology in their October 2016 Event being called “Hello Again.” The most influential computing company in the world is expected to launch new and update MacBook Pros, and possibly some new powerful PCs. There have been a ton of rumors about what will be announced tomorrow, including what seem to be actual leaks from the new MacBook Pros showcasing a new Touch ID button and touchscreen LED strip above the actual keyboard.
We’ve been duped before when guessing at what Apple has in store, but rest assured that as soon as Apple make any announcements about any new products we’ll update this post with all the information we have.
The newest information will be at the bottom of the post. We’ll be refreshing this article regularly.

The Event’s Started~

Tim Cook talking about the photos taken with the iPhone 7, and the positive reaction they’ve had with “Memories” feature.

“This is the best camera, the best photo experience and the best iPhone ever.”

One person on Twitter claims that Apple has new iMacs covered up and hidden on stage.

Apple Pay kicked off in Japan this week, big news for people overseas. Contactless pay is pretty great if you can use it.

“In just over a month, over 60% of our customers are already using iOS 10” -Tim Cook

We interrupt this live blog update to go back to the covered iMacs. Stay tuned to this:

Now Twitter onstage using the demo computers, discussing the live integration with Apple TV. Makes watching sports more inclusive. Makes watching the demo stage less interesting…

Announcement of new app simply called “TV.”
“It will completely change how you watch TV, along with your iPhone and iPad.”
Big news.

Essentially, this just looks like a combination of your TV shows and movies.
Not a subscription service. Womp womp.

“It’s going to completely change how we watch televsion.” Umm I don’t think so. It’s just unifying all the apps in one place. Nice, but not something to brag about.

This presenter is making college football seem boring. How is that possible?

Hopefully done with Apple TV.


13″ and 14″ gray and smoke color. That smoke is unreal, yo.
Digital Escape Key

Force Touch Trackpad

Touch Bar. That’s what that thing you were going to love is called. Touch Bar is retina display. It’s application specific, meaning that it will change depending on what app you’re using.
It looks awesome.

TouchID is also present on Touch Bar. Helps you buy stuff easy.

Now learning that the hidden screen was actually four different MacBook Pros lined to fool us. Those dogs! Check the bottom right.

Moving through Safari tabs via the Touch Bar looks pretty cool, tbh.

On to the Display talk of the day.

And the insides:
Intel Core i7 | Quad-core 2133MHz memory
Radeon Pro | 14 nm GPU | Polaris architecture | Up to 4B VRAM | Up to 2.3x faster
Superfast SSD | Up to 3.1 GB/s | Up to 2TB | Up to 50% faster

There are Four Thunderbolt 3 ports on both of the models. You can use any of them for power, display, hdmi or whatever you want. This is really interesting.
The breakaway magnetic charger is gone, though, folks. RIP.


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