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Can We Talk About How Awesome This 110-Year Old WWII Veteran Is?


Richard Overton Birthday Video

I think when it comes down to it, a lot of us wouldn’t really want to live to be 110-years-old. After a certain age, we begin to┬álose our personality, our ability to have fun, our memories, and the ability to enjoy some of life’s vices. But not Richard Overton. This BAMF is America’s oldest surviving veteran of WWII and is still living large.

When asked by (a great URL btw) about what he credits his longevity with, this original gangster responded, “Smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and being able to defend himself and his country with firearms.” And what does he do when he shows them around his house looking at his arsenal of guns? He’s smoking cigars and handling shotguns like a boss.

Also, those tears you saw at the end of the video were because of allergies… the kinds that you get once the air┬ástarts getting dry or something.

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