WATCH: No One Has Ever Been More Excited About A Car Chase Than These Two Bros

Earlier this month, there was a police chase in Hammond, Indiana. A semi-truck refused to stop and things got pretty intense. Officers were forced to shoot out the semi-truck’s tires, and the driver would later get his ass tasered and pulled out of the vehicle.
All of that information is from Fox 32 Chicago, but if you’re interested in a true first-person account of the events, check out footage of two dudes losing their minds over the car chase.

I’ve never seen any two people more excited about seeing a car chase in my entire life. It was like they saw a UFO, the Loch Ness Monster, and Bigfoot all at the same time. I’m now going to call everyone I come in contact with today “dude” or “bro.” Their enthusiasm and surfer lingo is contagious.
Also, I was definitely getting flashbacks to this scene while watching those guys go nuts. Some studio bigwig needs to put our car chase loving bros in a sequel ASAP. It would sweep the Oscars and earn the GDP of Japan.

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