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World’s Tallest Church Eroding Because People Won’t Stop Peeing On It


Ulm Minster Peeing

Right now, the tallest church steeple in the world is Ulm Minster, located in the German city of Ulm. The steeple is 529 feet tall and the fourth tallest structure built before the 20th Century. But all that might come toppling down unless the drunk Germans stop peeing and vomiting at the base of the steeple, say the stone masons responsible for the care of Ulm Minster. These experts claim that all of the acid and salts in people’s urine are destroying the stone base of the church.

Locals are at a loss for how to stop people from relieving themselves on the iconic structure. They’ve upped the fines from €50 to €100 but haven’t seen any drop in the amount of urine incidents.

“I have observed it again for the last half year, and once more people are urinating and vomiting on it,” said Ulm Minster’s head mason Michael Hilbert. “I am not the pee-police, but it’s about maintaining public order,” he continued.

I mean, this story is funny and all, but how awesome is it to read about someone other than Americans destroying something great?

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